My Story

Being thin doesn’t mean you are healthy and being overweight doesn’t mean you are unhealthy. At various points in my life I have been overweight, athletic and sometimes too thin! What I now know is that at every point, thin or overweight, it was not a reflection on my happiness. When I was thin it was due to being very restrictive with food and exercise or it was a low point in my life due to a major adversity.

Balance for me now is having great waking energy to winding down energy during the day and night, being kind and patient to the people around me and also an inner energy that allows me to do what I love with gratitude.

Transform8 creates connections, empowers people through knowledge and builds consistency with great group workouts and accountability with food habits. Transform8 was born due to frustration of all the “generic one size fits all” scenarios that are out there. It’s not just the numbers on the scale that we need to see but self-confidence grows when we can find out what other stressors in our lives might be causing us to become energy deficient.

It’s the stories we tell ourselves either externally through our environment or our own internal dialogue that holds us back and stops us being the best version of ourselves. Who are we if we are not letting our light shine through for others to see? Transform8 provides the ideal safe environment to be supportive, make connections with others, seek better fitness and nutrition habits and learn how the best version of you works.