21-Day Challenge


21-Day Challenge


This 21-Day Challenge is designed to be a reset for your body, a refresher for you digestive system and to reduce inflammation in the body.

It can help identify foods that are not digested well by your body and foods to avoid for the benefit of your personal health and metabolism.

The 21-Day Challenge includes detailed guidelines about how to eat throughout the 21 days and how to undergo the Reintroduction Phase in order to determine any foods that cause symptoms of food sensitivity or intolerance.

I recommend the 21-Day Challenge to everybody who is willing to challenge the way they eat and view nutrition. I especially recommend it to people have have been experiencing good sensitivity symptoms with an unknown cause, these symptoms include stomach pain, dull headaches or low mood to name a few.

Take the challenge and see just how huge the impact what you eat has on your health, both physical and mental.

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